New Baby Photoshoot Orange County

Monday, Apr. 16th 2012

As I have said in previous blogs, I do not specialize in baby photography, but most of my couples come back to me a year or two after being married for pregnancy and new baby shoots! I try my best to showcase the reality. I don’t use a lot of props or backdrops, I just keep it simple. I do think simple will last the test of time, black will never go out of style and neither will your baby! 🙂

I love this couple, they are so cool! Their wedding was over 4 years ago at Tustin Ranch Country Club in Southern California and they had no plans on having children. A year ago, the doctor told them that this was their last chance if they wanted to have a baby. After they thought about it, they decided to go for it. They are ecstatic on the birth of their new baby boy and they absolutely love his precious first pictures!

I take a portable studio to my clients home so everyone is comfy! Clients love this! They do not have to leave the house which is a huge ordeal especially for parents of their first baby. I set up a backdrop and lighting and we take our time, this is especially important for parents with many children or twins, where leaving the house the first or second week to go to a studio would sound like climbing Mt. Everest! Enjoy these 6 day old baby pics!







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Pregnancy Shoot in the Park, Orange County

Thursday, Apr. 12th 2012

The longer I shoot weddings, the more I shoot new baby and family shoots! Most of my wedding couples start a family soon after the wedding, and I have gotten to shoot some of my families for 6 years now. Their children look forward to their photoshoots every year, and they are awesome models for me by this point. The shoots actually create tradiotion and family memories, and I get to be apart of that year after year. Love that part!

Giannina and Aaron wed last year at one of my favorite wedding venues of all time, Calimigos Ranch in Malibu California. I actually made their wedding one of my wedding galleries on my website I liked it so much, I included the link below to see their wedding gallery. It is so fun to start a journey with my couples. Starting before they are married, I had the privilege of shooting their engagement shoot, then their amazing wedding, and now of course their super cute pregnancy shoot. They drove all the way from Las Vegas to Orange County just to do this shoot. I love my loyal clients! Cute detail, the chalkboard used in this pregnancy shoot was the same chalkboard used at their wedding. 🙂 I can’t wait to do a photoshoot with the baby and I will see you guys in June when I shoot your sisters wedding!

Giannina & Aaron’s Wedding Gallery on Capturing Moments:












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Fullerton Wedding at Muckenthaler Mansion

Tuesday, Apr. 10th 2012

Even though my blog is still under construction, I had to go ahead and blog my recent wedding of Lisa and Daniel shot at the gorgeous Muckenthaler Mansion in Orange County, California. I have to say I loved the simplicity of this wedding the most! Lisa and Daniel decided to keep the guest list small and they had NO bridal party, which is becoming more popular. It really does make for a smooth running day, with no stress, and it is all about the couple. The couple also chose to see each other before the ceremony which has become extremely popular, called the “First Glance.” The couple still gets a great moment alone and it takes the pressure off for nervous couples, plus they still get the moment walking down the isle, that moment is not taken away, and many times my brides are still overwhelmed with emotion. Also, more pictures can be done before the ceremony so you are not rushed after the ceremony and make your guests wait so long for pictures, and you have more time to get amazing magazine quality shots! The bridal party, when there is one, and couple actually get to spend the day together and is typically more fun.

This venue, Muckenthaler Mansion, in Fullerton, Ca. is fantastic and unique! As you can see, it is great for romantic shots, the ceremony site is cute and quaint, and the Mansion is old and rustic with a modern artistic splash. Collette’s Catering does the best cakes and their food is simply always amazing! Check out the links to see more on this venue and catering. All of the vendors on this list are amazing and I have worked with them for years, you cannot go wrong with any vendor on the list!

Muckenthaler Mansion Venue:

Colette’s Catering Website:

Steve Burdick, Amazing Wedding DJ

Tosti Studios, HD Wedding Videographer












Product Photography for the Web-How do you like them Apples?

Friday, Mar. 16th 2012
First off, these apples are simply Amazing! Check Out Auntie M’s Gourmet Apples on Facebook and the direct link is below. She will ship these apples to your doorstep and they are all custom ordered, made, and you can pick your colors and packaging options. These are great for wedding favors, showers, parties, a gift…whatever your heart desires! Here are just some of the flavors she offers, but can make anything you can imagine, someone just wanted some with bacon, YUM!

Auntie M’s Gourmet Apples Facebook Page Link:

Product photography is very important to showcase whatever it is you are selling. Sometimes you are even the product, for example if you are a real estate agent. I have seen too many websites and facebook pages with obvious non-professional images, and it does not help your product or you. Everybody that has a Facebook and/or Website should hire a professional photographer to shoot your products and/or you. They should be overall very consistent, with no bells or whistles in my opinion. Your product should stand alone with no cheesy blanket backdrop or flowers ordaining your products. Don’t skimp here, this is essentially your storefront, you want your product to look it’s best from the beginning of marketing even social marketing to get interest, and for professionalism. Some photographers may even be willing to do some bartering with whatever your product is, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Have your business be taken seriously by hiring a professional, it is worth every penny!

 Peanut Butter & Mint Oreo
 Peanut Butter
 Kit Kat
 Rocky Road
 Assorted Nuts

 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
 Close up on Coconut
 A Yummy Trio
 White Chocolate Swirl
 Apple Pie
Toffee Covered Apricots
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Wedding Reception in Beverly Hills

Sunday, Feb. 26th 2012


This Beverly Hills Wedding Reception was super unique! Planned at the Lawry’s Steak House in LA, it really was a beautiful spot with a unique dinner service. The salad portion of the meal was a cool sight, they put on a show for you and it is fun. The actual dinner is served in front of you, where chefs have big portions of prime rib cut to your liking. The DJ Company did a great job with the lighting and party and they are super popular in the LA area, check out their site at Joanna from did a fabulous job designing and coordinating this entire wedding. For part 1 of this wedding including the getting ready’s, ceremony, and romantics, check out this link:

Lawry’s Prime Rib house in Beverly Hills:

 The bride is Mexican and the Groom is Korean, so they had a spread of some very yummy looking Korean food that I have never seen before!

Lawry’s puts on a show while they wait on you, pretty cool, never seen that before!
Right in the heart of Los Angeles!
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Downtown LA Wedding

Wednesday, Feb. 22nd 2012


I am doing this wedding in a 2 Part Blog because the venues were simply fantastic! There are too many images I want to show so I will start with the first half of the wedding of Valorie and Kenneth recently wed in Downtown Los Angeles, and their reception followed in Beverly Hills. We started their “Getting Ready” pictures at the Fabulous JW Marriot LIVE right in the heart of Downtown LA. Their wedding happened to be the morning of the LA Marathon which was really cool walking to the hotel as the racers were running right by the hotel. The lobby of this hotel was perfect for the couples first glance. They wanted to see each other before the wedding so that they could get plenty of great romantics, and to allow the timeline to run a little smoother. It makes for a great wedding day when the couple see’s each other ahead of time for more than one reason. Below you can also see that the bride was still full of tears while walking down the isle and the moment is not taken away from and still incredibly meaningful. This cute couple decided to not have a bridal party, which I have blogged about before, I simply LOVE it! It just seems like the day is more about the couple when there is no bridal party and is so much simpler and enjoyable for the couple. Enjoy this LA wedding and watch for part 2 of this blog which will showcase more romantics, details, and their gorgeous wedding reception at Lawry’s in Beverly Hills. Joanna Chong with did a fabulous job coordinating this wedding and she was fun and very easy and flexible to work with, she really took care of my assistant and I. Jay with the DJ Company will also be featured in the next blog!

I LOVE this lovely note from Valorie the bride below:
No words can truly express my excitement!!!
Jaimee since I saw your work, I knew you were good…
But these pictures are AWESOME, you are AMAZING Jaimee!!! 
I have never spent so much on Ken’s facebook hoping to see another picture… lol 🙂
Thanks for taking care of us~

JW Marriot LIVE LA:

First Congregational Church of LA Website:

Part 2 of this Blog can be found at:

The view out of Valorie’s room for Getting Ready’s
The First Glance Set up
Romantics at the Hotel before the Ceremony
We quickly ran to snap a few city shots as the lino arrived before heading to the Ceremony!
It NEVER rains in LA! So Cool for once, and it is Good Luck!
 The First Congregational Church of Los Angeles in an AMAZING church!

Walking down the isle is such an amazing experience in life. I LOVE her tears here even though she had already seen her groom, it is still such a special moment!

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Downtown Fullerton Family Photo Shoot

Wednesday, Feb. 8th 2012


I LOVE shooting my families year after year, they are almost always my former brides and grooms, like this family. I get to watch them fall in love on the engagement shoot, stand before them on their wedding day, photograph their pregnancy pictures, then photograph their beautiful babies and then eventually their family, with multiple kids, dogs, and all. It is really cool to watch and be a part of documenting a couples lives together! Some families I have shot for over 7 years and the kids know exactly who I am and are excited for their shoots, it is fun to watch them grow and be their family photograper. I travel to Orange County every 6-8 weeks to shoot weddings and always usually do a shoot day to accommodate all of my former couples and their families. Congrats Veronica and Daniel on your gorgeous little boy Dominick!

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"Fire Painting" and How-To Blog

Monday, Feb. 6th 2012


I had so much fun shooting for fun the other night with a few other local photographers. There is a local photographers board that is very active and the photographers get together often to do fun shoots with each other and but their heads together, it is a really cool group. When I saw a “Fire Painting” night I thought that was really interesting. Come to find out they needed a location and my backyard was perfect. You need a wide open space to pull this off. I had no idea what we were doing but once I saw some of the results I was really excited, as I have not shot for fun in almost a decade!

What you are seeing here is Steel Wool (fine) stuffed in a whisk and tied to a cord. There is a person in all of these photos swinging the cord and the results are the steel wool breaks apart and a lot of sparks fly. Some of the pics she had one cord that she was spinning and for a few of them she was spinning 2 cords. I shot with my Canon 5D Mark II and a 14mm wide angle “fish eye” lens. With long exposures of 10-30 seconds you get really cool images. There was a little trial and error getting the right exposures down, the correct white balance, low ISO, and the fire painter took a few tries to get it down. The steel wool did not last as long as we had hoped in some cases only 10-20 seconds. Even though this was a first attempt I love the results. We will be doing this again and begin to perfect it and come up with new ideas and different locations. You notice you can see the person in some of the images and this was done using an off camera flash to illuminate her face while spinning the cord in a perfect circle.

F:8 @ 15 seconds, 100 ISO, Tungsten White Balance
 F:7.1 @ 15 seconds, 100 ISO, Tungsten White Balance
 An Off Camera Flash allows you to see the subjects face in these.
 F:7.1 @ 10 seconds, 100 ISO, Tungsten White Balance, with off camera flash
 F:8 @ 10 seconds, 100 ISO, Tungsten White Balance
F:7.1 @ 30 seconds, 100 ISO, Tungsten White Balance
 F:7.1 @ 30 seconds, 100 ISO, Tungsten White Balance
 F:7.1 @ 30 seconds, 100 ISO, Tungsten White Balance
 Exposures are the same of as above.

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Saturday, Feb. 4th 2012


Welcome to the World Levi and Peyton! Congrats to their parents as well, Bethany and Jason, on their new set of boys and their 4th and 5th child! These babies are just adorable and it was my fist time shooting twins, I have shot triplets before but they were older, and posing two babies is a little different then one. Enjoy these cute little guys and I will be shooting them their entire lives so you will get to watch them grow up with me! 

I am definitely not “a baby photographer” since I mainly specialize in weddings and families. Especially since I have seen what photographers that specialize in babies have been doing the last few years; cute props, crazy nets and gauze, hammocks, unique crocheted hats and amazing poses….a lot of them resemble Anne Geddes work! However my brides all shortly after the wedding start having babies, so I have always done pregnancy and new baby shoots and their homes. By the way, having a photographer come to your home to do any type of intimate shoot is amazing, especially when you have 5 kids and one is a set of twins, leaving the house for a photo shoot does not exactly sound fun.

My shoots with babies are basic especially with twins….but these two beautiful boys don’t need any extra, just their adorable faces and I even got smiles! Love these guys!

Levi (front) Peyton (Back)
Hunter said “Cheese Me”… I did!
Hunter calls the twins, “His Babies!”
Welcome to the World Levi & Peyton!
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Fullerton Arboretum Engagement

Friday, Feb. 3rd 2012


I love this cute couple who will be wed in just over a month at the Muckenthaler Mansion in Fullerton, California. It is a gorgeous property and Lisa is going to make a gorgeous bride so I can’t wait to shoot it! Plus, it is a daytime wedding which I absolutely love and NO bridal party, which I am personally a huge fan of for many reasons. Lisa had saw a wedding blog in which I had shot at the Fullerton Arboretum and thought it would be the perfect location for her and Daniel’s engagement shoot! I agree with her since I was married at the Fullerton Arboretum over 12 years ago and love the many locations you have to shoot. 

Congrats guys, See you in March!
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