New Baby Photoshoot Orange County

16/04/12 10:17 PM

As I have said in previous blogs, I do not specialize in baby photography, but most of my couples come back to me a year or two after being married for pregnancy and new baby shoots! I try my best to showcase the reality. I don’t use a lot of props or backdrops, I just keep it simple. I do think simple will last the test of time, black will never go out of style and neither will your baby! 🙂

I love this couple, they are so cool! Their wedding was over 4 years ago at Tustin Ranch Country Club in Southern California and they had no plans on having children. A year ago, the doctor told them that this was their last chance if they wanted to have a baby. After they thought about it, they decided to go for it. They are ecstatic on the birth of their new baby boy and they absolutely love his precious first pictures!

I take a portable studio to my clients home so everyone is comfy! Clients love this! They do not have to leave the house which is a huge ordeal especially for parents of their first baby. I set up a backdrop and lighting and we take our time, this is especially important for parents with many children or twins, where leaving the house the first or second week to go to a studio would sound like climbing Mt. Everest! Enjoy these 6 day old baby pics!







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