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Mission San Juan Capistrano

Oct. 3rd 2012

I have been on a bit of a blogging hiatus due to technical difficulties and traveling this summer for some amazing destination weddings. I thought this 2 part wedding would be the perfect wedding to blog about to get back into the swing of things. As you can tell my images are small, so still trying to work out the kinks of my custom blog, my apologies. However, I hope you can see the genius in this wedding by A Good Affair Wedding and Event Production. Natalie’s weddings are always over the top and done with amazing taste and style, especially when you get amazing wedding venues like these. The Mission San Juan Capistrano is a dream wedding venue for any Southern California Wedding Photographer. The Spanish landscape is breathtaking and romantic boasting endless places to capture dream wedding images. The Mission is also the oldest building in all of California, so it is a very special place dripping with history and wonder. The Batista is a small Catholic Chapel on the premises and Victoria & Greg chose to have their military wedding there. Since this wedding is so awesome, I have way too many images to share in just one blog. I will blog first about the mission and their romantic images, and in the second blog I will showcase the Classy Wedding Reception at the Newport Hyatt Regency. I will link the part 2 blog here when it is published. Thank you Natalie and all the other vendors featured below for another GREAT wedding!


Coordination: A Good Affair, Wedding & Event Production,
Ceremony: Chapel at Mission San Juan Capistrano, Lisa Dittmer,
Reception: Hyatt Regency Newport Beach,

Photographer: Capturing Moments, Jaimee Hubert,
Florist: My Floral Bliss, Holly Cellini,
Bakery: Tom Girl Bakery, Lisa Tom,
DJ: Honored Occasions,
Lighting: Honored Occasions, Steve Shanahan,
Draping: The Finishing Touch, Doug Geisen,
Hair & Makeup: Design Visage,
Cigar Roller: El Canito Cigars, Edward Carmona,
Photobooth: SoCal Shutterbooth,
Linens: La Tavola Linens, Carly Mitchell,
Luminaries: Vessel Décor, Napoly Salloum
Transportation: Classique Limos, Carolyn Kent,



Don’t Miss Part 2 of this blog to see this AMAZING wedding Reception at

Hyatt Newport Regency

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Family Shoot at Fullerton Arboretum

Jul. 1st 2012

I have been shooting this family for over 8 years now. Veronica’s parents happen to be my old neighbors and I have become their family photographer. I shot Veronica and Daniels Orange County wedding a few years ago and now they have a little one, so family shoots are next of course. This shoot was shot at the Fullerton Arboretum. I was personally married there over 12 years ago, so I most obviously LOVE shooting there. It is gorgeous for family, engagement shoots, bride and grooms, etc. A wonderful shoot, at a wonderful place, with a wonderful family! Thank you for the continued support in my photography work. I look forward to watching Dominic grow up!




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Angel’s Stadium Engagement Shoot

Jun. 26th 2012

I LOVE shooting at the Angel’s Stadium, this is my second engagement shoot and my couples rent out the entire stadium for an hour. This Fall I will shoot a huge Angel fan family for their Christmas cards. It is super harsh sun shooting there with very little shade and you are on a time crunch, but it is such a fun, colorful, and absolute unique engagement shoot to do. You sort of have to know someone to rent the stadium as they do not advertise it, but they do it! I really had a great time shooting this. The grooms absolutely LOVE shooting here. My first groom actually did a cart-wheel on the grass he was so excited, I had never had a more excited groom and huge Angel’s fan!

Congrats to my long time childhood friends Amber & Matt from Corey Elementary school in Buena Park, Ca. I have known these two for over 20 years. The grooms Mom drove my school bus growing up. I am of course honored to be standing in front of them on this special day. Amber and Matt are to be wed in August, and their lovely wedding will be held at The Turnip Rose in Orange County, California! I know this will be a fun time as Matt is a blast and was actually chosen as “Class Clown” our senior year…..hehehehe!





Jaimee Hubert (Left), Amber and Matt (Right)


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Orange County Rooftop and Bar Engagement

Jun. 1st 2012

Welcome to my new custom blog, where images are larger and each blog is thumnailed, so you can see more blog entries per page. I am still working out a lot of little kinks, but much better then the blogger blog I had with very small images and limited tools. I hope you enjoy it!

Congrats to Kelly and Ryan on their engagement and upcoming November Wedding in Orange County at Casa Romantica. I have the honor of shooting this super sweet couples wedding with Natalie at  A Good Affair as the coordinator, which always makes for an amazing wedding.

An extra big Thank You to David Tosti with Tosti Studios for shooting this engagement shoot for me. David and I have shot weddings together for over 5 years and he is one of the best. His style has always been very complimentary to mine. David has a more masculine and edgy take to his wide style of shooting. I tend to be more feminine and romantic and love close-up. David has always made my weddings look that much better and he is super cool to work with.  I don’t typically feature other photographers on my blog, but considering these are my clients and timing coupled with traveling did not allow me to do their engagement shoot, so I put them with one of the best and knew they would have a great time!

As you can tell by the images below, David has a way of making the couple look like they just stepped into the pages of a magazine. He mixes edgy with funky, but he also catches details, real moments, and the couple as they really are. I Love this shoot as it is a great mixture. Engagement shoots are great to me when they have  a mixture of it all. This rooftop and bar engagement shoot certainly makes for a unique engagement that is not cookie cutter or like everyone else’s. Great job David!


All Images Taken By David Tosti with

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65 Reviews on Wedding Wire at 5 Stars & Bride’s Choice Award for wedding photographer!

May. 23rd 2012


Weddings, Wedding Venues

2012 Bride's Choice Awards | Best Wedding Photographers, Wedding Dresses, Wedding Cakes, Wedding Florists, Wedding Planners


First, I want to introduce my new Custom Blog. The entries are thumnailed, archived, and the blog is more searchable with larger images! I am very excited to launch this new custom blog although we are still working out kinks, updates, and adding music and movement to the photo galleries.


Thank you to all of my wonderful wedding clients who take the time to give me review on Wedding Wire. It is hard to get reviews as newly married couples are extremely busy, but luckily my brides and grooms are the coolest. I really am able to develop great relationships with my clients so they gladly leave me awesome reviews for Quality of Service, Responsiveness, Professionalism, Value, and Flexibility. I am very proud of the amount of reviews I have received, and even more happy that all of my clients have been happy, happy, happy. To date, after hundreds of weddings over the last decade, I have never had an unhappy bride! Please check out the link below to see what my clients have had to say about my work!

Quality of Service:

 WeddingWire Rated 2011

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Family Photo Shoot at Fullerton Park, Orange County

Apr. 27th 2012

I have blogged so many photo shoots at this small park in Fullerton, California! It seems like most of my blogs have been here at this park lately, as I do mini shoot days here every few months and do 6-8 photo shoots back to back in one day. I have shot hundreds of shoots at this small secluded park and I know it now like the back of my hand. It is a great natural setting for family, pregnancy, engagement, and I have even shot many wedding shoots here. The park is rustic and often over grown and there is never anybody there. Enjoy this photo shoot of a long term client, I have shot every member of their family by now over the passed 8 years. Their kids are so stinkin’ cute that it was easy to capture great moments. I prefer to shoot candid, although I love stylized shoots too, but my personal style has always been to capture a family in their home or a natural setting and let the kids be themselves and the family sit together and capture what happens when they interact. Makes for great memories and real candid pictures to be cherished for decades to come.

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Engagement Shoot at the Park, Orange County

Apr. 24th 2012

I know I always say this, but I LOVE this couple! Congrats to Matthew and Christine on your engagement and upcoming December wedding, I know it is going to be awesome! We had a great time doing this photo shoot of them in a secluded rustic park in Fullerton, California. This is a simple “mini” engagement shoot that I offer to my couples at half price every couple of months. I shoot in one location and do back to back photo shoots and I happen to love shooting at this park. We had a great sushi dinner afterward and got to know one another, we had a great time doing their day of timeline. I can’t wait for December, they have such great taste I know it is going to be amazing.

Happy Planning!



















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My Family Photoshoot in Boise, Idaho

Apr. 18th 2012

I am still working hard on a new custom blog, so I apologize for the uncompleted blog but I could not wait anymore to share our families shoot! I love this photoshoot in our backyard right outside of Boise, Idaho. Shot by the talented Kelly Zimmerman with Cherished Images, a link to her website below! Kelly did such a great job creating the reality of our family. I wanted a shoot where our animals could be included and I wanted a few silly shots since that is us, from formal to fun! I will be writing a follow up blog about our new lives in Boise and the difference between the city life and country life. It has been over a year now that our family has relocated and we are really enjoying life here. The first family picture include 2 of our dogs, 2 chickens, and you cannot tell but I am holding one of our teacup piglets. This was not the easiest shoot to pull off, so thanks again Kelly for coming to the house and shooting these for me!

Photography by Kelly with Cherished Images in Boise, Idaho

We took my favorite images from the photoshoot and Kelly designed a great Spring card on canvas linen paper!

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New Baby Photoshoot Orange County

Apr. 16th 2012

As I have said in previous blogs, I do not specialize in baby photography, but most of my couples come back to me a year or two after being married for pregnancy and new baby shoots! I try my best to showcase the reality. I don’t use a lot of props or backdrops, I just keep it simple. I do think simple will last the test of time, black will never go out of style and neither will your baby! 🙂

I love this couple, they are so cool! Their wedding was over 4 years ago at Tustin Ranch Country Club in Southern California and they had no plans on having children. A year ago, the doctor told them that this was their last chance if they wanted to have a baby. After they thought about it, they decided to go for it. They are ecstatic on the birth of their new baby boy and they absolutely love his precious first pictures!

I take a portable studio to my clients home so everyone is comfy! Clients love this! They do not have to leave the house which is a huge ordeal especially for parents of their first baby. I set up a backdrop and lighting and we take our time, this is especially important for parents with many children or twins, where leaving the house the first or second week to go to a studio would sound like climbing Mt. Everest! Enjoy these 6 day old baby pics!







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Pregnancy Shoot in the Park, Orange County

Apr. 12th 2012

The longer I shoot weddings, the more I shoot new baby and family shoots! Most of my wedding couples start a family soon after the wedding, and I have gotten to shoot some of my families for 6 years now. Their children look forward to their photoshoots every year, and they are awesome models for me by this point. The shoots actually create tradiotion and family memories, and I get to be apart of that year after year. Love that part!

Giannina and Aaron wed last year at one of my favorite wedding venues of all time, Calimigos Ranch in Malibu California. I actually made their wedding one of my wedding galleries on my website I liked it so much, I included the link below to see their wedding gallery. It is so fun to start a journey with my couples. Starting before they are married, I had the privilege of shooting their engagement shoot, then their amazing wedding, and now of course their super cute pregnancy shoot. They drove all the way from Las Vegas to Orange County just to do this shoot. I love my loyal clients! Cute detail, the chalkboard used in this pregnancy shoot was the same chalkboard used at their wedding. 🙂 I can’t wait to do a photoshoot with the baby and I will see you guys in June when I shoot your sisters wedding!

Giannina & Aaron’s Wedding Gallery on Capturing Moments:












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