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Welcome to the World Levi and Peyton! Congrats to their parents as well, Bethany and Jason, on their new set of boys and their 4th and 5th child! These babies are just adorable and it was my fist time shooting twins, I have shot triplets before but they were older, and posing two babies is a little different then one. Enjoy these cute little guys and I will be shooting them their entire lives so you will get to watch them grow up with me! 

I am definitely not “a baby photographer” since I mainly specialize in weddings and families. Especially since I have seen what photographers that specialize in babies have been doing the last few years; cute props, crazy nets and gauze, hammocks, unique crocheted hats and amazing poses….a lot of them resemble Anne Geddes work! However my brides all shortly after the wedding start having babies, so I have always done pregnancy and new baby shoots and their homes. By the way, having a photographer come to your home to do any type of intimate shoot is amazing, especially when you have 5 kids and one is a set of twins, leaving the house for a photo shoot does not exactly sound fun.

My shoots with babies are basic especially with twins….but these two beautiful boys don’t need any extra, just their adorable faces and I even got smiles! Love these guys!

Levi (front) Peyton (Back)
Hunter said “Cheese Me”… I did!
Hunter calls the twins, “His Babies!”
Welcome to the World Levi & Peyton!
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