>What if your RING could save Lives?

09/05/11 3:32 PM


 What is “With This Ring“…..and How could my ring really save a life?

Thanks for asking, I am going to tell you. About 4 years ago, Ali Eastburn started WTR when one night she had a vision much like Oscar Schindler. She imagined him in the movie looking down at his lapel and weeping because his gold lapel was worth 2 more lives, his watch worth 5 more lives….these things of value really equal life. Today….that is still the case!!! When Ali looked down at her wedding ring retailed at over $20,000 she knew she was being called to give it up, to start a charity through radical giving, and to give life to people in need of clean drinking water.

When Ali called me to tell me she wanted to start this charity I thought it was a wonderful idea, until she asked if I would give up my wedding ring. I laughed and replied “Heck NO!” However after hearing her story and realizing the value of my jewelry, I looked down at my $10,000 ring and Movado watch and new I had to do something as well. I told her she could have my first wedding ring, and I took the diamond out of my newer wedding ring and replaced it with a man made diamond. (nobody could tell the difference) I felt really good about it, and have not missed my diamonds since. To date, With This Ring has dug over a dozen wells in Ghana Africa, and is supplying clean drinking water to hundreds of African tribesman. The women of these tribes walk up to 7 miles a day to get un-clean drinking water. The water is infested with parasites and kills their people. The young girls cannot go to school as their job is to fetch the unclean water. Now through the efforts of WTR, hundreds of women and girls days are freed up for education, parasites are gone, and lives are being saved and transformed.

The wonderful part of this charity is the full circle effect it has on everyone. To radically give changes you and to radically receive changes them. The rings and jewelry that are donated are put up for auction at Bidding For Good, thus having a story and great meaning behind them. You can buy the jewelry and know that you are helping an amazing cause, and that someone gave up that ring making it that much more meaningful for the buyer. It is a great charity, and I encourage you to check out their website, follow their blog, and check out their auctions. Also, if you feel led, consider radically giving yourself. Do you need your diamonds, would fake ones make a difference to you? Real ones make a difference to them! You could even consider gold, other jewelry or a cash donation as well. You have more power to help then you think.

The pictures below are from the WTR Charity Gala held at the Disney Hotel, where more then 300 people were in attendance and over $30,000 was raised. Natalie Good with A Good Affair coordinated the event and did a great job as always!  www.agoodaffair.com

With This Ring Website:

Living Water Internationals Website: (find WTR on the homepage)

WTR and Living Water International has joined together in the digging efforts!

The large ballroom at the Disney Hotel is awesome!
Natalie Good w/A Good Affair coordinated the event and did all of the florals!

A picture taken by Ali of the drinking water used by a tribe in Ghana that she visited, they now have clean drinking water!

Joe Chebat, President of With This Ring

Maria Lee was the MC and on the board of WTR

Ali Eastburn, Founder of With This Ring

This women bought a ring and loves to tell the story, she also donated enough money that night to finish digging the well that her ring was supporting and is planning a trip to Africa to visit the well! AMAZING!

Paul Derilek is the Living Water International Communications Director
Paul describing the lives of the women in these tribes.

Ali Eastburn and Myself pictured together at the Gala
Ali Eastburn and Paul Derilek from Living Water International
The board members of WTR and Living Water International Rep

For a complete portfolio of Jaimee’s work check out:

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