Product Photography for the Web-How do you like them Apples?

01/12/11 4:35 AM

First off, these apples are simply Amazing! Check Out Auntie M’s Gourmet Apples on Facebook and the direct link is below. She will ship these apples to your doorstep and they are all custom ordered, made, and you can pick your colors and packaging options. These are great for wedding favors, showers, parties, a gift…whatever your heart desires! Here are just some of the flavors she offers, but can make anything you can imagine, someone just wanted some with bacon, YUM!

Auntie M’s Gourmet Apples Facebook Page Link:

Product photography is very important to showcase whatever it is you are selling. Sometimes you are even the product, for example if you are a real estate agent. I have seen too many websites and facebook pages with obvious non-professional images, and it does not help your product or you. Everybody that has a Facebook and/or Website should hire a professional photographer to shoot your products and/or you. They should be overall very consistent, with no bells or whistles in my opinion. Your product should stand alone with no cheesy blanket backdrop or flowers ordaining your products. Don’t skimp here, this is essentially your storefront, you want your product to look it’s best from the beginning of marketing even social marketing to get interest, and for professionalism. Some photographers may even be willing to do some bartering with whatever your product is, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Have your business be taken seriously by hiring a professional, it is worth every penny!

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