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Here it is…..the 2nd Annual Amateur Photo Contest by Capturing Moments!!! You are the contestants and the judges! Last year this turned out to be so popular with over 130 images entered, they were narrowed down to a top 30, then a top 10, and the the winner and runner up which are below. I have had so many people over the years talk to me about an amazing image they have captured. I can see the excitement on their faces and they want to share what they have produced, but where? Once people see my camera, I get question after question about my equipment, images they want to show me , what and how I shoot, how to use their camera, etc. I am amazed at the interest in photography, and since the digital age has taken over, more and more people are interested in owning a great camera, learning how to really use it, and then actually shooting images that are exciting. Amateurs can now afford great user friendly cameras that produce decent images, sometimes amateurs even capture an amazing image that looks like a PRO shot. So here is your chance! If you have an image that you have shot and love then submit it!

This Photo contest is free! All you have to do is make sure you are a blog follower of mine to keep up with the contest updates, and send your image or images to by Saturday, November 26th. The top images will then be blogged about and voted on by blog readers. There are no categories, just awesome images of whatever. So go shoot!

The rules are you cannot be making consistent money from a photography business or have an active website which promotes your business. If you have made money here or there that is okay, but if you have a legitimate photography business that makes you money even part time then you are not a candidate. Anyone else can enter, even if you know me, the readers pick the winner, so I am out of it! Maybe you caught a really funny moment that you could never capture again, the perfect rainbow on a vacation, or an artsy image that you are proud of. Any picture that you have taken that you HAD to show off or that really brought a smile to your face. The winning image will be posted on a blog for acknowledgment as well as runner-ups, the photo contests results in thousands of hits and viewers. The first and Second place winner this year get a 16×20 wall portrait of their choice. (A piece of my artwork or their own image)  All photographs will not be blogged, and the most interesting or impressive will make it to the votes. Don’t hesitate, go and find your image or images and submit them now, what do you have to loose? Attach images in an email and send to: – (please no images via facebook) and don’t forget to join my blog on the right hand side of my blog page on my website! – Email Link for Outlook users!

 Tony Anderson- Photo Contest Winner 2010, Boise, Idaho
Aaron Orosco- Photo Contest Runner-up 2010, Orange County, Ca.
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4 Comments on “Amateur PHOTO CONTEST!”

  1. Says:

    >Hi Jaimee,
    I am not sure "how to blog" and I don't see a place to select "joing blog" Sorry for my ignorance, but please let me know via e-mail if you can, lol
    Warmest regards, Keri
    PS I am sending you a couple of photo's to submitt for the contest 🙂

  2. Jaimee Hubert Says:

    >To follow my blog….scroll up on this blog page and look at the right hand side of the page. It says "Followers" then underneath that it says "Join this site," with pictures of my blog followers. Just a heads up, you do need a gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail account to join.

  3. Aileen Manahan-Victoria Says:

    >hello there. how many entries every participant?

  4. Jaimee Hubert Says:

    >Please keep the images down to 10 entries if you are going to send multiples, only the best images out of all submitted will be chosen!

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